You want to grow vegetables?

Growing vegetables in a tropical climate is not easy: many diseases (nematodes, bacteria, fungus etc.) in the soil will give problems. Thereby it is important that the plants have the right fertilizers and often the grower does not know what is available in the soil. Due to these problems, the results is often very low and also the quality is not good. After all, it is almost impossible to make it profitable. With an hydroponic system the advantages are many: less diseases, less fungicides, less chemicals for crop protection, low water use, low fertilizer use, less pollution and a much higher crop per m2. So much more profitable and durable!    

The soil is usually full of problems.You will find parasites like nematodes which will destroy the young roots and spread diseases.

Because the soil is not sterilized, bacteria and fungus will be there to destroy the young plants. Fertilizing soil is very expensive because the “root-volume” is big and most of the fertilizer will drain and not be used by the plant.

Also it is very difficult to give exact the need of the plant. Because of all these imperfections, the results are often below expectation.

To improve your harvest and quality, you can grow on a substrate: Because you grow in a pot, the roots will not go into the soil and you will have no problems with disease, nematodes etc.

Because you grow your plants in a pot with substrate, you can give exactly the fertilizer that the plant needs.

Because you give exactly what the plants need, the harvest will be higher and of a better quality. AGRIFER helps you with a new concept we call “innofer”.